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The ZIP-scan™ Create-Your-Own Survey Solution

1. Create and print your own survey forms using our simple "Forms Generation Program". Example survey types can include employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, research surveys and more!

Example forms:

Survey Event Overall
Download PDF
Survey Hospital Evaluation
Download PDF
Survey Session Evaluation
Download PDF
(Click on thumbnail image to enlarge)

2. Have respondents mark your survey forms using a Number 2 pencil.

3. Use "Survey Wizard Program" on Windows PC to collect response information. Paper survey sheets can be processed through scanner at approximately 30 sheets/minute.

Image below is the screen shot of the Survey Wizard Program for the session evaluation form which is the example above on the right. The text on the screen are the written responses to the questions at the bottom of the survey form. These responses have been typed on the same line with the respondents marked bubble data.

Survey Response Information
(Click on thumbnail image to enlarge)

4. A summary analysis report is immediately available after the survey data is collected by the ZIP-scan scanner. (You simply click the "Analysis Report" button at the bottom of the screen illustration above.) This report lists each question followed by the response results.

Example report:

(Click on thumbnail image to enlarge)

Also, a comma delimited data file is created of the survey data for further analysis if desired using Microsoft Excel®, SPSS®, or similar programs.

(Note: Written response comments can be typed into the last cell of a respondent's survey record for easy cross reference to their marked bubble responses.)

Example of comma delimited (with quotation marks) text file:

(Click on thumbnail image to enlarge)

Surveys with up to 500 questions/responses supported through use of multiple sequential sheets.

Scanner is portable and uses power supplied by the PC's USB connection

Contact us today at 1-888-947-7226 to arrange for an evaluation of ZIP-scan's "Create-Your-Own-Survey-Solution".

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