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ZIP-Scan Unit

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  • Assessment & survey data collection accomplished in only minutes.
  • Results are presented automatically in a summary report that lists each survey question and its associated feedback or response.
  • The results are also available in a comma delimited (.csv) data file for detailed analysis by Excel, SPSS, or other similar programs as you require. You have total control of the fast survey data collection.


  • Works with any Windows ® -based PC with an available USB port.
  • The data port provides the power for the ZIP-scan™.
  • Because multiple choice paper forms are used, no training of the respondents is needed, and obtaining survey feedback is totally adaptable to any size of event.
  • Respondents simply mark the form with a #2 pencil and hand it in for the survey data collection.


  • The Survey Wizard ™ and the Forms Generation Programs are provided.
  • Adapt an existing form or create your own custom feedback survey form.
  • Include your logo on the feedback survey for professional looking forms.
  • Use multiple sheets for up to 500 questions for the survey data collection.
  • Print the forms yourself on a laser printer or on an offset press.


  • Scanner is small (14” x 5” x 7.5”), light weight (5 pounds), with carrying handle.
  • Top opens up to provide vertical slot for dropping the survey feedback forms through.


  • The ZIP-scan™ unit is very durable and the warranty is three years return to depot.  Return it to Salt Lake City and we will repair or replace it immediately and return ship it prepaid back to you.

Please call or email for pricing

Includes the Software Programs, ZIP-scan scanner, USB cable, instructions, and free telephone/email support.
Please give us a call at 1-888-ZIP-scan (947-7226) for further information or to get a quote.

30-day evaluation is available

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