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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. What is the warranty on the ZIP-scan scanner?
    If you experience any problems within the first three years return your ZIP-scan and it will be repaired and return shipped at our expense. There's no need for an annual service contract.

  2. How quickly can I create a survey solution and conduct a survey?
    If you use an existing survey template, it will only take a few minutes. By adding your logo to the template you can print the forms and be ready to go in 30 minutes. Once the surveys are complete, drop the forms into the scanner at 25 sheets per minute. When the last survey has been scanned, you'll have a complete summary analysis report listing each questions and its survey response.

  3. What if I learn from my first group that there is a problem with the wording of a survey question?
    The ability to refine and fine-tune your survey questions on the fly make it simple to make adjustments from one group to another.

  4. What are the limitations on the throughput for the scanner?
    There are no limitations. You are able to hand feed (drop) approximately 25 sheets per minute, which is about 1,500 sheets per hour. The scanner will function hour after hour with no problems.

  5. Can the survey forms I scan today be combined with forms I scan tomorrow?
    Yes. The standard setup selection is to have the new scanned data append to the existing data in the file.

  6. Is there a limit on how many questions can be scanned in a survey?
    There is a limit of 500 survey questions. The Test Wizard Program accepts multiple sheets in sequence until the total number of questions reaches 500 or the survey is complete.

  7. If my survey includes a large number of questions and several pages, what is the best way to keep the pages organized?
    Staple the top left corner of the stack of survey pages. Once the respondents have answered the survey, cut off the staple just prior to dropping the survey forms into the scanner. The missing corner of the forms will not affect the scanner.

  8. Which data analysis program is best?
    All of the data analysis programs will accept the comma delimited data file created by the Test Wizard. The most popular programs are Excel® and SPSS®.

  9. How is the ZIP-scan able to use forms printed on ordinary copy paper?
    Calibration requires 8 blank forms (without pencil marks). The scanner will characterize the paper and the printed form enabling the scanner to identify which bubbles are marked with a #2 pencil. Calibration only requires one minute to perform.

  10. How do I add my logo to the survey form?
    The Forms Generation Program provides the option of including a 0.5" x 3.5" bmp logo file at the top of each survey page. This option can be ignored if no logo is needed.

  11. How do I create my own survey form?
    Create a list of questions and possible responses. The Forms Generation Program allows you to use one of the templates provided or create your own survey from scratch. It's as easy as deciding how many questions there are, typing in the questions and identifying how many bubbles your questions need.

  12. How do I print my survey?
    For a few hundred surveys, printing on a laser printer is the easiest. For large quantities, output the survey to a pdf file and have the survey offset printed. (Instructions and printing guidelines are included.)

  13. Can I return the Survey Solution for a refund?
    Yes, you can return the ZIP-scan Survey Solution anytime during the first 30 days for a complete refund.

  14. Is the ZIP-scan compatible with Macintosh computers?
    ZIP-scan is compatible with Windows or Macintosh computers running Virtual PC or Parallels.

  15. Where is a good source for #2 Pencils?
    Office Depot sells boxes of short, pre-sharpened pencils and erasers.

  16. Why is it not acceptable to have any thing printed or written on the back of the survey form?
    The ZIP-scan uses infrared light that shines through the paper and the pencil marks block the light, which identifies their location on the page. Anything on the back of the form will interfere with this process.

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