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Purchasing and Testing ZIP-scan

ZIP-scan™ is convenient to test and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please call our toll-free number for pricing or to arrange for a test.

For Companies and Corporations:

We extend "Net 30 Day Payment Terms" with a Purchase Order faxed to ZIP-scan Inc. (fax number 1-801-327-0333) We ship on your account number or charge $20 for ground shipping within the continental United States.

A three-week test period begins upon receipt of ZIP-scan and invoice. If returned for any reason, your invoice will be cancelled.

For Individuals:

A credit card number is required to test ZIP-scan™. Your credit card will not be charged during the evaluation period or if an alternate payment method is established. (Example: Some teachers guarantee the purchase with a personal credit card, demonstrate ZIP-scan™ in their school and upon acceptance, purchase the unit using the standard purchasing process.)

Tell us if you have a unique situation. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate your circumstances. Don't hesitate to discuss your need for a ZIP-scan with us.

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