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About Us

About Us

ZIP-scan is based upon a design created by school teachers to make correcting tests easier. While looking for a durable and trouble-free scanner they developed the idea of using gravity to feed a half-size form past the scanning sensors.

ZIP-scan has been designed and manufactured in Salt Lake City since 2002 and shipped across the world from our facility in Utah. Our 30-day test period allows our customers to test-drive ZIP-scan, in their application, before we require payment. Please call us today to arrange for a 30-day test or to purchase your ZIP-scan.

We learned that there is a real need for a simple and easy paper based assessment and survey solution. So, we have created the solution presented on this web site and the reception by the market has been outstanding.

Our goal is to enable organizations to assess the needs and desires of their customers and thereby become more successful.

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